5 Amazing tips to avoid damage of your parcel


Imagine sending a gift to your loved ones that are living at distant places. You make sure their favorite things are in it that are sure to put a smile on their face once they receive the gift. Though, you’ve taken care of all their likes and dislikes while buying the gift, but what if you forgot to pack it properly and it gets damaged during the commute. All the plans of making them happy can come to a halt in a nick of a time. All this could be avoided if the proper packaging of the parcel has been taken care of before setting it up for delivery. If the parcel is secured using the correct packaging methods, then this ensures that the product will not incur any damage during the transportation time.

Following are the 5 amazing tips which could be implemented to avoid damage of the parcel:

1. Keeping Special Products Insulated

You know that you have a special kind of shipping challenge on your hands while dealing with food-grade products. These special items can be fragile and are the most vulnerable to contamination. There are commercial grade insulated shipping containers especially available to resolve this issue. They provide food and beverage items with thermal protection. This ensures that the temperature-sensitive goods are in their best shape and they arrive to customers fresh in a one-piece

2. Opt for Protective Packaging

It is quite clear that there is no another substitute for a good quality protective packaging material for shipping purpose. In order to get the best-suited packaging material for your particular product, you need to spend a fair amount of time accessing and testing different types of packaging materials for shipping.

3. Pack the bundle of Parcel Properly

While working to reduce the damage during shipping, you not only need to consider about the packaging of a single parcel but also about the packaging of the complete array or bundle of the parcel. The evaluation of the pallet packing procedures should also be conducted properly in order to secure the goods during the transit. Make sure that pallets are wrap properly to avoid the slip and shift during the journey and also they don’t overhang over each other.

4. Packing the load properly using Pin Wheeling method

After packing the containers and pallets securely, you need to implement the same method while packing a crate in order to protect your load. You can use the “pin wheeling” method to do so. In this, the direction of every other pallet is altered to create balance. This not only prevents the pallets from tumbling over but also maximize the space. Using edge crush test (ECT), you can also determine the amount of weight that can be stacked on rigid cardboard to protect it from getting damaged.

5. Label Your Items Correctly

The only thing that can guide the package handlers once the package leaves your company’s hands is the labels on it along with the barcodes. With the use of proper handling and shipping labels you can create a great impact on how a fragile package is taken care of. Using proper labels over fragile packages prevents them from getting damaged, losing shape or from spilling. These labels will also help the warehouse workers, delivery guys, pickers and stockers.

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