6 Courier Problems You Can Easily Avoid with Beecrown Logistics


Finding the best courier for your parcel, item or package is very important. A lot of inconveniences can be avoided when you get the right service for your requirement. At Beecrown Logistics, we are committed to providing the most efficient service for people of Briton. We help our clients avoid courier problems through transparent supportive service.

When you talk about courier problems, many different scenarios are included in the debate. Package not reaching destination on time or in one peace are always the top two concerns. Most courier mistakes or problems are easily avoidable provided your service provider uses the right means for the job. Here are some courier problems and how Beecrown Logistics can help you avoid them:

1: Missing Destination Contact Information

One of the biggest courier mistakes is to not have destination contact information. This is especially the case when dealing with business packages. Contact information is often missing or wrongly given when sending parcels to business addresses and locations.

Some of most common courier problems is to only provide a business or private address without any person contact information. What happens with this one is that courier personal reach the area and are sometimes unable to find the right building, door or address. This can lead to inconveniences.

How Beecrown Logistics Helps

When taking information for the package delivery, we ensure to get complete contact information for the destination. We remind our clients to include at least one person’s contact information including personal mobile number. This makes it easy to contact them and get in touch for receiving if needed.

2: Incorrect Building, Floor or Office Number

Often, there are many offices, flats, apartments and even floors within the same buildings. One of the most common courier problems is to provide incorrect building, floor or office number. This leads to many unwanted inconvenienced including package or item being returned without getting delivered.

Consider your destination office for the package to be shipped is in a large building. There will be many different offices in that building at different floors. If you miss the office or door number or have it wrong, chances are your parcel can either not be delivered or delivered to the wrong address entirely.

How Beecrown Logistics Helps

Again, with this one, we ensure proper destination address representation. Our system makes it easy to see building and address details. We encourage our clients to get and provide full flat or office numbers with as much building and address detail as possible.

3: Overestimating That Leads to More Costs

Ecommerce retail businesses and individuals alike can sometimes fall victim to overestimating their delivery. This becomes one of the biggest courier problems when you have to overpay for it. If you need a product delivered tomorrow, picking same day delivery will incur higher unwanted charges.

Some same day required items can also be pointed out to be delivered much sooner than they are needed. We ensure a 60-minute pickup for all packages and items in the UK. Estimating the right required delivery time can help reduce costs with our efficient network.

How Beecrown Logistics Helps

Like any other courier problems, we help deal with this one most efficiently as well. Our large network of vehicles that ensures 25-mile pickup vehicle availability reduces the pickup cost and time. Our quality support agents help you pick the right time of delivery up enabling you to pay for only what you need.

4: Close or No Receiving at Certain Times

Another one of the biggest courier problems that lead to inconveniences is some businesses being closed or not taking delivery at certain times. This one can also be applicable for private addresses where receiving people are away to work at certain times.

When there is no one home or the business address closes completely for lunch, these times need to be avoided. Courier problems begin when these times don’t get mentioned and we reach the destination at the same exact times. Returning packages may be the result of this very problem.

How Beecrown Logistics Helps

When you look at our quick form, there is a section for notes. We have added this section just to take any additional notes and instructions. We also ask clients when they call us and take the time needed to ensure proper notes taking. We include any special times to be prioritized and avoided for convenience.

5: Heavy or Too Large Packaging Boxes

Quite often, some of the biggest courier problems include too heavy or too large packaging boxes. When people package items or products in boxes on your own, it’s likely that they can use too large or heavy boxes. These not only increase the weight of your parcel but its size as well.

Too large boxes also tend to use more materials and are one of the biggest courier problems. If those materials aren’t sourced responsibly, overall footprint of that one package can be more than it needs to be. All these factors make your parcel delivery inefficient wasting more resources that it needs to.

How Beecrown Logistics Helps

Our efficient packaging techniques ensure the most appropriate packaging boxes. Additionally, we have a green miles policy that almost never returns a vehicle with parcels in it. Our efficient packaging and shipping ensure lowest costs and carbon footprint at all times.

6: All the Little Things

Then there are courier problems where many little things and hidden instructions don’t get enough representation. These may include the package to be left at the back of the home. Some might need the package to be pushed in through the side door.

You might need a particular person to sign for a specific product if you are an ecommerce business. All these missing little things will be sorted eventually. However, when you have a time clock courier payment method, all these can eat up important time.

How Beecrown Logistics Helps

We are professionals dealing with all kinds of courier problems. Our notes section allows for any length of text to be entered for all instructions. We encourage our clients to add any instructions that might help save time and effort making thins more convenient.

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