7 Top Tips On How To Choose A Courier Service


We all understand how energy-consuming the task of sending or receiving a courier becomes given multiple options to consider from. Choosing the right one and staying free of the worry about the parcel is what a user generally seeks. Here, we present 7 top tips on choosing a courier service. The following factors should be considered:-

1. Flexibility

One size cannot fit all – Keeping this idea in mind, a customer should always look for a courier service that offers flexibility in terms of placing orders, right up to delivering them as per the customer’s requirements. A preferable service gets a tailored order planned and lives by the word of it, delivers smallest of the parcels with utmost care and responsibility as that the larger ones. Providing the customers with an economical, time saving, cost effective, simple to use courier service, keeping the customer in loop with dedicated account managers that help track orders in real time, empowers the customer get true value for money.

2. Variety

A courier service that deals in multiple sectors of industries is any day much more reliable and convenient to use than others. The reason being availability of varying sized fleet of vehicles – bikes, vans, trucks, lorries that are driven by equally competent and experienced drivers to ensure your parcel reaches swiftly, on-time, safely, and that too cost-effective for the customer at the same time. Various sectors’ goods may include automotive, construction, event, legal documents, retail, technology, food and agriculture, medicine and healthcare, printing and publishing, etc. the options are never ending.

3. Security

Sensing the urgency a customer may have, a reliable and responsible courier service is one which ensures safety and security of drivers, environment, vehicles, with the goods obviously. While retaining the speedy pick-up and drop of parcels, the courier service ensures that the insurance of men and material is done, vehicles abide by rules and pollution standards, and that there is an optimised mechanism to ensure no unnecessary empty trip of vehicle happens and fuel or time gets wasted.

4. Wide presence

Often customers find themselves in trouble with parcel shipping due to absence of company’s outlet in their area. Therefore, customers should opt for a courier service that has a wide presence in the regions they promise to deliver. Having a huge fleet of small or large vehicles indicates that the delivery service covers both major as well as minor addresses. For businesses that require multi-drop courier support, having a huge network of service ensures that the routine rounds of drivers can happen and contracts could be placed with such efficient companies too.

5. Experience

Choosing a relatively new courier service always keeps the customer at bay and worried about the parcel. However, if the customer goes with an experienced courier service, it is ensured that the business had been done with justice that has kept the company running in the market. The reviews by other customers also help in judging the reliability and trustworthiness with which the parcels will be taken care of and delivered. Experience in terms of drivers and vehicles also matter as if a service promises same day deliveries and 60 minute pick-up, it is backed by their years of experience in courier service industry.

6. Assistance

Poor customer support at various stages of parcel delivery leaves many in doubt. Hence, a courier service with a professional and round the clock support mechanism ensures that the satisfaction of both customer and employees is ensured and there exists proper communication too. Right from aiding in placing an order on call or on website, to having a dedicated account manager to resolve all customer queries, enabling real-time order tracking, and a fully professional customer support system is what makes a courier service the right choice.

7. Service

A preferred courier service is one that has custom services for the huge customer base that it plans to cater to, in all regions. While being a popular choice among companies, such services have options like same day, next day, multi-drop, economy deliveries. This covers all of the customer strata existing worldwide.

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