When should you use a courier company versus FedEx, UPS, or USPS?


Throughout our lives, we all have seen postmen carrying shipments of various courier services in our neighborhood’s, delivering shipments to our homes and bringing smiles around. What used to be a monopoly of USPS ( United States Postal Services ) for decades, is now serving as an open market for various other small and large carriers of the kind. Competing in the league of the major players such as FedEx ( Federal Express ) and UPS ( United Parcel Service ), have also emerged better, efficient, and cost-saving courier services such as Beecrown Logistics Ltd.

While the fact is undeniable that each thing in this world carries various pros and cons with itself, but what is debatable is another fact that anything that has several pros and only a few cons, is always much more preferred than its counterparts.

Considering the above made statement, Beecrown Logistics carefully analysed the market and got in congruence with the business requirements, tallied with the customers and understood their expectations, and was finally brought in market to cater to the trusted customer base that has been earned over the years.

Now, the question arises as to when should a customer choose courier company ( such as Beecrown Logistics ) and when to go for service providers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS? The following analysis has been drafted by conducting ground research and following are the observations:-

In terms of requirements of business, it is observed that the major players lacked the basic diversity in the operation of businesses of small and large sizes. This became the very reason for inception of courier services to cater to the needs of all and each customer as a respectful entity regardless of the size of parcel. This has helped smaller businesses to grow and supported the local communities. Services such as Beecrown help curate each shipment as per individual customer’s requirements and enable them to expand their reach using less costly deliveries.

Another crucial aspect that was observed is the positive aspects of competitors. There is no harm in learning and adapting the good qualities of others and help yourself in becoming a better one. Same concept has been used by courier companies to study the models of the other players in league and adapt the pros. Take for example, Beecrown Logistics. It comprises of all the positive and preferred aspects of USPS, UPS, and FedEx while retaining its wholesome identity too, all focussing towards being a customer-centric courier service aiming to achieve the highest possible standards of customer satisfaction. It is one of the most trusted courier services in the states and has unparalleled popularity in both customers small and large. It is, like the three giants, convenient, provides an incredible customer support right from placing orders to their delivery, reliable, trackable to precision, easy to use and place orders, no hidden charges, quick, personalised with a delivery manager, caters for all parcels small or volume, provides same day deliveries, has various additional features for customers to avail and benefit from, wide presence in country and around the world, and much more. All of this is an integral part of courier services, which makes them a trustworthy choice among the business partners of today.

The reason why customers are driving away from the popular giants of the past is because they have not worked upon their shortcomings. This is where the relatively newer courier services such as Beecrown Logistics take the cake. These services have not only adapted the positives but also understood and eradicated the negative aspects to emerge as the winner in the industry. While others were lacking employee growth and worker satisfaction ( as seen in various instances where the package was damaged or empty inside ), these chose to focus to keep the workers happy and provide good benefits to them, keeping a good work culture and promote right ethics. This ultimately leads to a happy delivery and a satisfied customer, and a safe package from start till end. These services provide multiple options for delivery, keeping no additional charges, having justified costs, wide presence, and a helpful customer support system to ensure that once a customer engages with them, they become the preferred choice for all shipments in future keeping trust intact in the services provided.

Lastly, in the post we have provided an unbiased observatory response to the choice for a customer to send their precious shipment and the available options. The best route it to go with a courier service as per the needs of business – size of package – volume of shipment – transit time for delivery. Luckily, Beecrown Logistics Ltd. does just that at www.Beecrownlogistics.co.uk .

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