Compatibility, Flexibility and Reliability – Traits to Look for in Your Courier Partner


So, you are looking for a courier partner to solve all shipping problems? As easy as it may look, the decision to get a logistics partnership isn’t that basic at all. If you are to go by figures and numbers, a good 40% of product reviews get influenced by shipping standard. Sorting a good courier partner out can influence any ecommerce or retail shipping-based business greatly.

Fashion brands both online and high street sellers, tech products sellers, baby product brands, supermarket stores, you name it. Almost every business industry in today’s market needs to focus on shipping and courier products to some degree. Beecrown Logistics combines compatibility, flexibility and reliability to offer some of the most trustworthy courier partner service in the UK.

Finding a Compatible Courier Partner Is Essential

Whether you have an ecommerce business or a high street local setup that sells through shipping, your business will need to partner with a compatible courier partner. Many logistics companies might provide outstanding courier service but still not be compatible for your business.

There is a lot more that matters when it comes to finding a compatible courier partner. Whether you need manufacturing logistics in UK or exhibition logistics, compatibility will always be of great significance. Some features that stand out include:

Customized Specialized Vehicles

When looking for compatible courier partner in UK, one of the major concerns for every business should be vehicle optimization. Different product and business industries will need specialized custom vehicles. Healthcare logistics in UK will need to take care of unique requirements. Food logistics services in UK will need to ensure certain conditions are met. Your logistics partner should have suitable vehicles.

Vast Network of Vehicles Available

Another feature that makes a huge difference is a vast network of vehicles. Your selected courier partner should have a large number of vehicles spread in the region you need service in. This can make it possible for your business to always have a logistics solution whenever needed. Same day courier in UK and also next day options get easier when you deal with a sizable courier company.

Affordable Shipping Rates

Of course, affordability and discounted partnership rates provide big advantage for ecommerce and retail businesses with logistics costs. A cheap courier service in UK will always provide better profit margins for retailers and sellers. However, cheapest courier rates alone shouldn’t be the metric for quality. There needs to be a right balance of quality services and affordable prices.

Flexible Courier Partner Can Be Most Well Suited

When it comes to selecting the right logistics partner for your business, flexibility is of great essence. The way ecommerce and retail business work, a lot can change very quickly. You need a logistics solution that has the ability to adapt quickly for the best possible solution.

For urgently required products, your courier partner should provide same day shipping service. They should also be able to reroute if destination changes. A lot of other factors and features should be available with your courier company when and if needed.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Courier services for businesses should always take into account the satisfaction and feedback aspect. When a customer buys from a brand, their feedback will go towards the brands even if the fault is by courier service. Product gets delays, brand gets the blame. Product gets damaged, its again the brand that will get the blame.

  • Notifying for Delivery – Your courier partner should be able to notify customers about their products that are to be delivered. Calling before the package arrives is a good approach.
  • Ability to Change Destination – Often, people provide a work address and when the product gets shipped, they might be at home. There can be many other required destination changes. Instead of canceling the shipment, courier company should be able to adapt.
  • Shipping Time Flexibility – If the buyer needs to change the time of delivery and even the day, your courier partner should be able to adapt. This can reduce number of returned parcels.
  • Multiple Pickups – Ecommerce and retail brands need logistics partner that can pick shipping products up from their location. Multiple pickups on any day make things a lot easier.
  • Urgent Delivery Where Needed – Some products like healthcare items will be needed very urgently. If you are a healthcare products seller, its best to choose a shipping partner who is flexible enough for very quick instant dispatch services.

Reliability Will Win the Game for Sellers

How many times has your parcel returned for any given reason? If you are an ecommerce seller, chances are you are all too familiar with parcels returning for no reason. Courier companies often hate to break a sweat and just simply take the product back upon smallest of inconveniences.

More reliable courier partner is always the winner when it comes to getting positive customer feedbacks. Also, ability to always deliver on time has a big impact as well. More than 35% of customer returned parcels are because of them arriving too late.

A reliable courier service in UK can make or break ecommerce and shipping oriented businesses. How reliable they are in keeping time and delivering with satisfaction, will go a long way into ecommerce brand perception. This is choosing the right logistics partner is of great importance.

Beecrown Logistics Is the Perfect Courier Partner in the UK

If you are looking for logistics partner who fulfils all these abovementioned requirements, Beecrown Logistics is someone you can trust. We have access to UK’s largest network of delivery vehicles that enables us to provide reliability, flexibility and compatibility combined.

We provide support for all business and product industries in the UK. Our courier partner option for ecommerce and retail businesses delivers on all expectations. We provide affordable long term logistics prices for our partners enabling them high profit margins.

We also provide door to door shipping in UK for all types of products and parcels. Our collection team picks up your parcel within 60 minutes from any location in the country. Partner with us and we will make your logistics side of things much more convenient and satisfactory for your and all customers.

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