How to Get Best Holiday Shipping for Your Presents and Parcels

Different holidays times of the year are all about sharing happiness. We love to share and send gifts and presents to out loved ones. Holiday shipping for presents and parcels is much different than regular courier services. In addition to many times more parcels sent through holiday weekends and times of the year, there are many other factors that are always at play.

Holiday shipping also includes tech products sent as gifts. These may include the newest iPhones, laptops or watches and wearables as well. These items are not only more fragile but also more expensive than other shipping items. Holiday delivery service providers need to be selected carefully from experience with surety of making your parcels reach safely.

So, how do you get the best holiday shipping service for presents and parcels? Read through to find out just that and more:

Book Well in Advance When You Need Holiday Shipping

One of the worst holiday present delivery mistakes is to wait for the last minute. In fact, last minute holiday parcel delivery almost never reaches on time if at all. When sending holiday gifts to the loved ones, make sure to book well in advance. As much in advance as you possibly can.

Usually, booking about 10 days before works out just fine. Last 10 days before Christmas, Halloween, Easter or any other holiday always gets the busiest. Christmas parcel delivery especially can be very busy causing a lot of inconvenience when left late. Book in advance to get the best service.

Advance Booking Accounts for Lower Prices

Advance booking for holiday parcel shipping always gets you the best prices. The overall difference can be two or three times more actually depending on certain situations. If you want the cheapest holiday shipping rates, booking in advanced is the best solution to go with.

Be sure to check your options well before the holiday time. However, when you have to send at the last minute, Beecrown Logistics can still help. We can help move your parcels quickly. However, some higher prices might have to be paid when left for the last days before holiday.

You Get More Assurance with Advance Booking for Holiday Shipping

The other big problem with holiday parcel delivery is parcels or packages not reaching on time or at all. This is usually because of the sheer weight of many times normal delivery numbers. Shipping companies tend to miss parcels when called for last minute Christmas shipping or Halloween shipping.

This is also why you should book advanced holiday shipping. Along with assurance of reaching on time, advance sending also guarantees safer keeping of parcels. Fragile items travel in vehicles when there is a lot of extra room. It all works out well with advanced holiday parcel delivery.

Use Retail Packaging or Pack It Right for Holiday Delivery

Retail packaging almost always comes with all safety measures taken care of. During holiday shipping times, products and parcels may come under immense pressure. As more and more people send gifts and parcels, spaces get smaller and a lot more get crammed in one delivery vehicle.

If your products or gifts are not in retail packaging, make sure to use the right packaging. Cardboard boxes usually work well for holiday parcel delivery. Enclose in hard plastic shells for fragile products. Do your best of ensuring product or parcel safety even during the worst shipping times.

Holiday present delivery is always a big thing of concern. Some people reuse retail packaging that might have come with other products. Do whatever you need to make sure all products and items get transferred safely. Depend on courier company packaging as least as you possibly can.

Expect Delays but Parcels Should Reach on Holiday

Holiday parcel shipping is always busier than regular delivery. This is why often there are delays for holiday delivery requirements. However, responsible shipping companies like Beecrown Logistics, always ensure your parcels get there. We ensure delivery before the holiday time.

Our Christmas shipping, Halloween parcel delivery and Easter delivery get there before the actual holiday. However, there might be some delays to worry about. Yet, if you want your parcels to be delivered on any particular holiday, it is always best to call us 2-3 days before the occasion.

Don’t Forget Insurance for Holiday Shipping Parcels

Thing with holiday shipping is that courier companies are always too busy with so many parcels. The best way to go about it is to necessarily get insurance on your holiday parcel shipping packages. This will ensure that these companies pay attention to your parcel at all times. Insured parcels very rarely get lost or damaged compared with parcels that are not insured for shipping.

Not only does a courier company take extra care with an insured parcel, they make sure it reaches on time. Insurance for holiday package delivery isn’t too expensive as well. Usually, you can insure items for only a few percentages of their retail prices. Everything can be insured including documents, gadgets, tech items, clothing and anything else.

Make Fewer Larger Boxes or Parcels for Holiday Shipping

Usually, it’s best to make greater number of smaller boxes when sending more than one product. However, for holiday shipping requirements, this might not be the best approach. When you create many smaller parcels out of one large one, you are exerting more pressure on the courier company. They would already be under pressure from too many holiday parcel delivery requirements.

Making a smaller number of larger parcels to accommodate all your shipping items is the best way to go. Put as less strain on your courier companies as possible. Holiday parcel delivery needs to be different than regular shipping. Unless your parcels are going to different addresses, pack them in one large parcel. This will make your holiday shipping easier and more affordable as well.

Don’t Forget to Call Beecrown Logistics!

Do you need holiday shipping in UK? Beecrown Logistics is a service provider you can trust. We have an extensive range of vehicles including large trucks and also smaller vans for local routes and longer travels. We also provide European delivery for holiday gifts, presents and whatnot. Our affordable SEO Services holiday parcel shipping gets the job done for any holiday time of the year.

Be sure to call Beecrown Logistics and find out exactly what you need to know about any holiday shipping needs. We collect your parcels in 60 minutes from your doorstep anywhere in the UK. Also, simply fill our quick form to get an instant price quote. We are available around the clock all days of the week offering quality holiday parcel delivery service for all.

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