How to pack glassware products to reduce courier damage?


Packing and courier the glass ware can be fraught with risk. But there are few steps which can follow to avoid this risk factor in your shipping.

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What are the materials are suitable for protecting and cushioning a glassware shipment?

Packing them is not the hard task, all you need are the right materials, the proper technique, and most importantly, the right boxes. For sending the glass items, it is very essential to cushion the product properly. We use a “double boxing” method for all fragile items like glass. The outer box is intended to take the brunt of all handling, shock, and vibration effects while in transit. Below are a few materials suitable for cushioning and protecting glass items:

1. Product Protection

We use different type of material according to your product likewise,

  • Bubble Wrap – This sheet is designed to protect and shield the lightweight products. This can be used in multiple wraps and layers to ensure that the item is completely protected. This also contours of products, regardless of shape and size; protecting edges and sharp corners from damage. Available in both standard and anti-static form.
  • Hexcel Wrap is an innovative and sustainable solution for protecting glassware.  It is a paper cushioning material, made from PEFC certified paper. It is a revolutionary paper-based fragile wrap that is proven to reduce product damage.


2. Product Cushioning and Void Fill Material

This is used to designed to protect glassware items while courier. As cushioning controls shock and vibration so that the chance of damage is greatly reduced.

  • X-pad is the cushion material, when this is used the paper pad expands to its full thickness and molds itself according to structure of the product shape. Through X – pad an excellent bracing and cushioning property.
  • Air Pillows – These are void filling materials and provide cushion for lightweight product which are free from sharp edges and corners.

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Few quick tips to help package and ship glass without damage

  1. Wrapping – This is one of the most important step. Wrap the product separately. If you are using bubble wrap to wrap the items, do not use excessive tape as it may lessen the effectiveness of the air bubbles. One of the advantages of using Hexcel Wrap, is that it does not require any tape for closure
  2. Cushioning: Select a suitable carton to house your glassware to fully protect your shipment for example cardboard or corrugated cartons. Now add the support to all the wall of the board so that there’s plenty for the items to rest on. After that insert the products and add void fill to remove the gaps to eliminate the wiggle room. Again if you see space fill the cushion into it.
  3. Now take the Shake Test – After filling all the material in the box/cartons, shake it to ensure that the contents do not move.
  4. Check for the potential for carton indentation: If your carton can be compressed in any way, this pressure can ultimately damage the contents. If you can press the lid in, add more void fill to stop compression.

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