How to Reduce Your Postage & Packing Costs?


People who regularly send items through mail to relatives or friends – those in small business who need to ship their product to their customer using courier services, completely understands how much tedious it gets while packaging an item for shipping. Also if you’re constantly buying new materials for packaging, it can get quite expensive. To reduce this needless cost of packaging there are certain shortcuts that can be taken without affecting your courier’s deliverability. These parcel packaging tips will help you in making the packaging process easier, quicker, pocket friendly and will reduce your impact on the environment at the same time.

1. Minimize The Size Of Your Parcel

Larger boxes not only cost more but also require more packaging materials. A lightweight but large package is more expensive as it occupies more space on the delivery vehicle. By decreasing the size of the parcel you can cut your expenses on packaging materials and save yourself from price jump.


2. Think Outside The Box

Cardboard boxes, parcel tape and bubble wrap are all packaging essentials, but sometimes it is great to think “outside the box”(literally). If you look around you can find some really great things which may come handy in parcel packaging. Take newspaper for example – if you screw them up enough they can be used perfectly for gap fillers as they are light, cheap and capable of absorbing shocks. You can consider it as direct recycling. You can also use old clothes in place of newspapers. These small things will not only help in protecting the planet but also your shipping cost.


3.  DIY Packaging

Though its best to reuse the boxes and envelopes, but what if you have to pack a weirdly shaped item and you don’t find a suitable box to pack it. For such cases, instead of heading straight out to buy a new one, you can make your own packaging box, customized for that particular shape. You can do it easily with the help of glue, thick tape, scissors and enough of cardboard.


4. Pay Attention To The Labelling

You need to pay special attention to places on parcel box where labels or important information is printed ant which will be scanned or read later. Make sure they aren’t damaged, crushed or creased. If you are reusing a cardboard box then make sure its old labels are fully removed or are completely covered with the new ones. This will eliminate any kind of confusion regarding parcel source and destination.


5. Don’t Use Black Colour In Outer Packaging

Avoid using black colour outer packaging material such as black plastic wrap. They may sometimes take longer time during sorting of domestic deliveries by sensors of automated parcel machinery. For internationally delivery of the parcel, it is strictly not allowed to use black outer packaging in any case.

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