How To Weatherproof Your Parcel?


With the introduction of parcel delivery services, sending parcels to any place has become so much easier. Delivery services have become so efficient that now you can send your parcel to anywhere around the world within a day. However, before sending any parcel for delivery it is very important for the sender to make sure that the parcel is packed properly, keeping weather of the commute in mind as well. While packing a parcel you should do everything you can to protect the items inside it. It’s a no brainer that investing a little extra in bubble wrap or tape will cost less than replacing the whole item. Following are some ideas that will help you to weatherproof your parcel.

1. Using Correct Boxes for Packaging

The very first thing to consider while packing a parcel is to opt for a suitable box. Doing so not only reduces the cost of sending terribly shaped items but also makes it easier to stack the parcels. The boxes should be able to hold the weight of the contents, therefore, check for its durability before purchasing it.

2. Packaging Items

To prevent your parcel from getting damaged due to bumpy ride during the transit, make sure to secure it inside by using adequate packaging materials. Packing materials such as newspaper, polythene chips and polythene airbags can cushion the items inside the parcel from bumps and blows. Make sure to label fragile and label items, this will ensure that they are dealt with care during transportation.

3. Waterproofing the Parcel

Using waterproofing materials when packing the parcel keep them safe from damaged caused due to water and heavy rains.

4. Buy a Cooling Box

In a few cents you can buy a disposable cooling box to pack the things that are susceptible to moisture. These boxes are highly insulated and virtually crush-proof. For a snug packaging, you can first pack with bubble wrap and then place it in the cooler to prevent any movement.

5. Using Vacuum Bags

Clothes or linens can be damaged if they get wet during shipping. Packing them using extra-large vacuum bags is a very wise decision. They not only save the clothes and fabrics from getting damaged but can also help you to pack more things in the same box.

6. Use Ziploc Bags and Acid-Free Paper To Protect Books

You can secure your books and documents by wrapping them in acid-free paper and then keeping them in a Ziploc bag. Once done, you can now pack it in a regular cardboard box and tape it well using packaging tape.

7. Label Items That are Sensitive to Pressure:

You should inform the shipping company beforehand if you want to ship something that might explode if there is a change in the air pressure due to high altitudes or in a plane. You can place the pressure sensitive piece in a plastic bag to protect other items in the box and to avoid leaks.

8. Avoid Humidity Hassles

Place desiccants inside the boxes containing books, papers or things that might get affected due to high humidity. They will help as a great drying agent while dealing with humidity issues.
This was all about weatherproofing your parcel before you send it for shipment. These ideas are sure to help you a lot, next time you send any parcel. Taking these little extra precautions can save your parcel from getting damaged. Always remember, the best defence is a good offence.

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