6 Essential Questions to Ask a Shipping Company UK


Courier and shipping companies are essential tools for businesses and people in general. Not only do they provide transportation for goods and packages but they also make it easy for online business operations. A quality shipping company UK will always offer additional features that will benefit everyone. At their core, shipping companies are also businesses who are there to progress.

When selecting your shipping company in UK, you need to make sure you select the right one. Especially, when you are an online business owner, a long-term courier partnership is what you will need. Any quality shipping company UK should be able to answer some important questions for you. Here are some of the most important ones that you should be asking:

1: Is Your Shipping Company UK Licensed?

The very first questions you should be asking is whether their shipping company is licensed for business. Legal fulfilments have to be done in order for business to become smooth. Any logistics or courier business that is not licensed, actually falls under illegal activity in the UK.

Your selected shipping company UK has to be licensed from the authorities. They need to have an Operator’s license issued by the Traffic Commissioner. Unless they have that license, they are not authorized to move people’s goods and freight vehicles across the country.

You should always ask your courier company in UK about their license agreements. Of course, this will have to be done only once or once every so many months. Make sure they possess their license if you are in a business contract with them. This will help your courier items go smoothly.

2: Is There a Professional Dress Code for Your Team?

Next very important thing is to ask for a professional dress code. Of course, many companies would say dress codes don’t affect their performances. Yet, this is far from the truth. Dress codes portray professionalism. They give a feeling of trust and reliability from any service provider.

Your shipping company UK should always have a professional dress code. Everyone in their team should be using this dress code necessarily. Drivers, any people accompanying them and even their staff at the warehouse. Everyone in the team should portray professionalism.

Also, their dress code should be labelled and branded. Although, having branded and labelled dress code is not a necessity. It is however a nice little add on that will separate them from the rest. Look for whatever differentiating factors you can in your shipping company UK service providers.

3: Does Your Shipping Company UK Offer Doorstep Pickup and Shipping?

Businesses and people in general want more convenient service. Also, with the current situation around the world, less contact with people is good. For all of these reasons, doorstep courier pickup and delivery are always the best options. Ask them if their shipping company in UK offers this service.

Also, you’d find out that businesses really appreciate such a service. Ecommerce brands and online sellers are always in need of daily shipments. If your selected shipping company in the UK offers doorstep pickups and delivery, business operators will be in the good.

Not only businesses, but individuals will of course also appreciate this doorstep service. Especially, during weekends of festive times of the year, pickup and delivery benefits us all. This question must have an answer in the positive from your selected shipping company UK service providers.

4: Are All Your Team Members Trained on People’s Skills?

People skills are some of the most important for the entire service industry. Logistics and shipping companies in the UK fall under the same category. However, asking this question will almost always get a positive answer even though the actuality might be different.

Best way to go about it is to use your personal experience or ask people near you. Your selected shipping company UK needs to have all their people trained on how to deal with people. Nobody wants and appreciates a bad attitude and neither should you accept one at all.

Make sure on the people’s skills for your selected shipping service in UK. This would not only help them perform better but keep your satisfied through the entire journey. Check social channels of your service provider. Look for whatever indicators and then ask the question on your own.

5: Is You Customer Service Easy to Access and Available at All Times?

Customer service might be the single biggest differentiator for any shipping company UK service provider. Any logistics company just simply cannot survive without having a good accountable customer service. It is a necessity for their long-term business goals.

Also, if you need to send your parcels with any shipping service in UK, you need to ensure quality of their customer service. Customer service will always pave the way for smooth service. Ask them if they are available around the clock for assistance when needed.

Businesses and brands that sell online through ecommerce channels will need this support. Your shipping agency in UK should be able to provide professional support. Beecrown Logistics is a service provider you can trust with any of these requirements.

6: Do You Have and Offer Warehouse Availability?

Warehouse availability will be very important for business courier requirements. Your selected shipping company UK service providers must have warehouse availability. Make sure to ask them this before making any type of business partnerships with them. There might be more than one uses for it.

Business parcels can always get returned or delayed for whatever reasons. Receiving people might not be available at the location at certain delivery times. When this happens, your selected courier company in UK must have warehouse support available for storing your parcels and packages.

Instead of returning your parcels straight to the senders, they should be able to reschedule as well. This needs warehousing or some type of office arrangement. Only select a shipping company that allows for warehouse storage of parcels when they might need to be rescheduled.

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