7 Signs That You Need a New Medical Delivery Service Provider


Medical Services or in the health care world, there is no second thought to except the services fast. According to the survey, more than 50% of respondents who recently take the health services wants to deliver the items on the same day.

We Beecrown Logistics believes that the main issue comes here is the “MOBILITY and TIME CONSTRAINTS”. Let’s take a simple example to understand it better.

  1. The patient recovering from the surgery has limited moving and finds himself difficult to pick the medicines or any other items personally from the seller.
  2. Another reason is “Lack of Time”. A person suffering from chronic conditions like Asthma or Blood pressure or Hypertension cannot wait for the multiple days for a delivery

So, these are the reasons, an appropriate courier service must be chosen with extreme care

Signs That You Need a New Medical Delivery Service Provider

1. Non-optimal vehicle conditions

Inadequate vehicles can spell disaster because ensuring medication and any other medical deliveries should stay in the same conditions as they left from the medical firm means that vehicles ought to be climate-controlled. Drivers must carry an isolated bag so that medications that need to be temperature controlled will not be affected in the route.

2. Poor customer services

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Just one bad customer experience can be devastating for your brand. If you are handling crucial and time – sensitive items, then having a crystal clear communication is essential. A Real time tracking application gives you are your customer’s visibility.

If your delivery provider does not provide such kind of services then you must need new medical delivery services.

3. Inadequate Industry Experience

You should always find a courier service that specializes in your industry. To deliver medication a professional, knowledgeable, and experienced courier is a must. Be sure your couriers are compliant with OSHA, IATA, TSA, and HIPAA regulations have transport coolers and spill kits—and identification badges.

4. Erratic Payment Process

If you do not establish a set payment structure for deliveries (i.e., not requiring patients to have a credit card on file or pay before delivery), you are creating the perfect storm of confusion and liability. Establish the rules upon delivery and you will have smoother, more efficient transactions.

5. Late or Inconsistent Deliveries

Time is the King if you are delivering medicals needs to the people. It is okay to bear repeating because if are talking in a medical context. Error in the shipping such as wrong address or late shipping is the main sign that you need a new medical delivery service provider.

6. Unscreened or unprofessional drivers

Professional, uniformed, and background-checked drivers deliver reputation. The company personnel must reveal that brand.

7. HIPAA Non-compliance

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is the federal law governing medical privacy. Customer security is the most important rule according to HIPAA. The Delivery Company must take strict actions on what information can and cannot releases.

The worst part, customers will pin the bad experience on you even if the fault lies with your courier partner. “Customer experience is the new battlefield,”

Last Words:

When it comes to delivering medical supplies to either residents, hospitals, pharmacies, or doctor’s offices there are requirements that need to be made. Doctors want to know that their medicine is arriving or being delivered to elderly patients on time, so they need to look for professional and transparency delivery services. Beecrown Logistics, best courier service provider in uk has years of experience with medical delivers. To learn more about our expertise call us on – 03335777116

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