7 Advantages of Courier Drop Off You Should Know

Everyone buys online. Many people need to send parcels to their loved ones in different cities and places of the world. Courier services are understandably some of the very important in today’s world of ecommerce. Courier drop off is an emerging trend amongst people and service providers. It’s another form of contactless delivery where recipient doesn’t have to physically be at the delivery location.

So, why exactly is courier drop off getting so popular? If you look at what is going on in the world currently, it becomes easier to understand. With the Covid-19 pandemic still raging, people want a courier method where no contact is made. However, with the pandemic now hopefully nearing its end with vaccines rolling out, the trend is still predicted to continue.

Here are 7 reasons why courier drop off is popular today and is expected to continue in years to come:

1: Quick and Snappy Courier Drop Off

Courier services have always been criticized for being slow and now making parcels in time. This has been because of many possible delays in the service. People needed parcels to be delivered at certain times because of availability issues. Courier services had to plan according to send and receiver timeframes which took extra time and effort.

However, with courier drop off, these factors don’t matter much. Courier services can send their people with the parcels at any time. There is no concern of the recipient being physically available at the drop off location. This makes it easy to quickly drop off the parcels and packages at the destination. Saving time and effort are just a few advantages with this.

2: Cheap and Affordable Pricing

Also, since there is no specific drop-off time requirement with this quick service, it can work out to be cheaper. If you don’t urgently need your parcel, keeping the time open can save money. Retailers, sellers and customers can all make use of this courier drop off money saving feature. Cheaper prices can accumulate to heavy sums over time especially for sellers.

However, this money saving works best when there is no urgency requirement. Same day courier drop off and even next day will cost higher compared to open timeframe. But, with open timeframe package drop off, you will never be sure when your parcel is arriving. It is a delicate balance that you need to understand when getting this service.

3: Control the Virus Spread

If there is one thing, we have learned with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is that viruses spread through human contact. Courier drop off being a sort of contactless delivery system, needs no contact between delivery people and recipients. Needless to say, this works best to minimize chances of the virus being spread between delivery persons and parcel recipients.

However, parcel recipients still need to take protective measures when handling the parcel or package. Necessary disinfection should always take place when handling all packages. This will kill away all surface or product attached viruses rendering them non-risky. Human health is important. Take care of it any which way you can by limiting contact.

4: No Requirement to Be There for Signature

With signed delivery, recipients always needed to be physically there at the delivery location. This is why planning the delivery times has been so difficult taking more time than it should. With courier drop off, you get much convenient option. Recipients don’t need to be physically there and can take care of other businesses and tasks meanwhile.

However, another fact to worry about is that not every type of product can be dropped off without signature. Yet, where it can happen, you have a lot of convenience at hand. Be sure to provide the courier company with correct parcel drop off details. Where they can leave the package and how to make it more secure should be clearly mentioned.

5: Suits Everyone at All Times

Courier drop off has proven to be a service appreciated by everyone. Customers, sellers and the courier company, all seem to enjoy the service. Customers can get cheaper rates and hands on their products quickly. Sellers can save more on profit margins with affordable drop off rates. Courier companies can also find it more convenient to just drop the products off at any time.

Time saving is one of the major benefits with such package drop off service. After hours product delivery is now becoming a thing as well. Evening and eve night courier drop off can be more convenient and time saving for all parties involved. Beecrown Logistics provides the option for parcel drop off whenever you need.

6: No Time Waste for Courier Company

Parcel shipping companies like Beecrown Logistics always prize ourselves on timely delivery. However, recipients not being able to receive their products on certain days or times is the single most time-wasting factor. With parcel drop off, this is not a thing of concern. We can simply drop off the products and packages at any time.

We have an empty returning van policy where all vehicles must try the hardest to delivery all parcels before returning. Courier drop off kind of makes it more possible for this policy to be in affect at all times. Saves us time and makes us able to do more for customers and clients in all aspects of the business relationship.

7: Best for Retailers and Sellers Too

Retailers and sellers of course enjoy the slightly cheaper shipping rates associated with parcel drop off. Compared to regular shipping methods, these drop off methods tend to cost the least. Retailers and sellers can boost their profit margins with cheaper shipping rates as well. Beecrown Logistics provides special rates with these packages drop off services.

Simply by eliminating our chances of returned parcel due to recipient not being there, we can process parcels at cheaper shipping rates. Also, our doorstep parcel collection service UK combined with drop off, makes things very good for sellers. Ecommerce brands can continue their business in much easier ways looking at other parts of the business for growth.

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