Debunking Decades Old Same Day Courier Myths That Still Exist

Same day courier service has been a rather needed one for businesses and people alike. Some people think same day delivery to be new service born out of competition in the industry. However, that might not be completely true. The service has been there for decades. More and more courier companies are now adopting it because of the ever-increasing competition.

There are some same day courier myths that have been floating around for decades. Most of these might have to do something with the older service standards. Many people are still unaware of the fact that newer service providers have evolved their service. Read below as we debunk some of the oldest same day courier myths in the industry:

Myth 1: Same Day Courier Is Very Expensive

No. It is not. Although there may be some small extra charges, same day courier isn’t way too expensive than any regular delivery. Expect slightly higher prices but nothing out of the ordinary. Same day shipping for products, packages and boxes doesn’t really come into urgent shipping needs.

When you contact with a seasoned service provider, they would have routing options for quick parcel collection and delivery. Same day courier for all kinds of parcels is available to or from anywhere in the UK at Beecrown Logistics.

Make sure you find the right service that has going routing options. When courier companies need to plan routes separately, then there might be excessive costs to pay. For already going vehicles, picking up and dropping your parcels shouldn’t be that much of an add-on.

Myth 2: You Need to Drop of Parcels for Same Day Courier

Another myth many people believe is that they have to drop parcels to courier collection points. This is of course to get same day parcel courier service. However, that may not entirely be true. Parcel collection and delivery companies do offer free pickup from any location.

In fact, dropping the parcel at their location, can slow the process. How these companies plan routes is that same vehicle picks up your parcel and then delivers it where needed. So, when they pickup from your location, they can end up completing the process quicker.

However, some instances might need to you do the drop. Depending on where you live or where the warehouse is, different conditions can apply. Ask for pickup where available. It can boost convenience and make the whole process faster when done right. This will be available with quality companies.

Myth 3: Self-Delivery Is More Reliable and Faster

It can be and it can not be as well. Safe answer is, it depends. Consider the amount of hassle you will have to bear when self-delivering. Also, with intelligent routing systems, leading same day courier companies will offer better speeds. You need to find the right service provider though.

Same day courier companies are greatly evolved when it comes to routing and delivering parcels. They always have on-road vehicles that do the fastest job of parcel collection and delivery. You will get best service for your needs when the right service provider is found.

Professional courier services have very well developed and polished systems and infrastructures. These allow companies to really speed up the delivery process. In most cases, even self-delivery straight can not even come close to their efficiency. It’s all about meeting deadlines and keeping averages high.

Myth 4: Same Day Delivery Is Not Reliable

Also, many people tend to believe that same day courier is not the most reliable. When you need to send your packages and parcels necessarily on the same day, you can get that done. However, there will be some conditions that would apply to almost all cases.

For one, you will find a time break-off point with every same day shipping company. You will need to get your parcel picked up before this cut-off time in order for it to reach same day. Secondly, it will need correct pickup and delivery addresses for quick service.

Lot of people blame the company for parcels not reaching on same day when problems can lie within. Be sure to follow all applied conditions when needing to send something on any day. With the right courier company, same day delivery can be the most reliable service.

Myth 5: People Don’t Need Their Packages Immediately

This myth has to do more with courier companies. Service providers can often think people don’t need their packages immediately. However, this can be as far from the truth as anything. Customers when buying products or people when sending, can need their packages same day.

Quite often, packages can contain products that maybe needed for same day use. Tech products like gaming console controllers and other peripherals are always amongst the most urgently needed ones. Then, you also have the case for medical supplies, equipment and appliances.

Frankly, this myth is often believed by substandard courier companies. Professional same day courier agencies always treat every parcel equally. They don’t know what’s inside and hence try to deliver everything on time. Beecrown Logistics is one of the most professional couriers around in UK.

Myth 6: Same Day Courier Might Cause Damage to Products or Packages

Yet another very wrong myth about same day shipping is that it can cause damage. People tend to think that quicker service is handled not very well by courier companies. However, with professional companies like Beecrown Logistics, this is simply not the case. We are trusted by our clients.

All packages and parcels get treated with care by professional service providers. Optimized delivery vehicles carry everything in the safest way possible. Delivery for same day courier products is handled like any other service. You will never have damage complaint with professional courier companies.

Some lower quality service providers might commit this mistake too. However, with more competition always rising, service providers are getting better at their job. You can now expect safe same day shipping for retail or personal parcels and packages. Everything gets delivered on time safely.

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