Packages and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Getting Your Deliveries Safely


The first question that arrives in everybody’s mind “Can coronavirus comes from deliveries?”

The answer is “YES”. With the few smart precautions, we can make your deliveries safe. This is really a big task to bring your packages into the sanctity of your home without bringing COVID-19 in as well. Because your packages are touched by number of people before it reaches to your home. The chain is quite long – from the warehouse service person to the package sorter and driver who bring package to your home. People who worked with these packages could be sick — whether its with the flu or COVID-19 — and taking the right precautions could help stop the spread of germs.

What are the precautions measures we take ?

Measure 1 :  Contact less delivery

Make designate a delivery zone outside the house. This way you know where package is and you can also limit face-to-face contact.

Measure 2: Sanitize the package completely

Our workers bring disinfectant wipe, they spray or wet rag with sanitizer on it to quickly wipe the box or package before you take it inside. Or, open the box outside and discard the packaging.

(Note: Don’t touch your face with your hands until you’ve washed your hands.)

Measure 3: Sanitize the surface

Now our workers designate a particular surface where you open packages

But, if you choose to do so inside. We suggest, a hard surface which can be sanitized easily is ideal. Or use surface which regularly cleans.

Measure 4: Second step for cleaning the package

We also wipe down the next layer of plastic or box with sanitizer before putting the item away or using it.

Measure 5: Themselves cleaning

They wash and sanitize their hands regularly.

Why choose Bee Crown Logistics?

Depending on the urgency of your shipment, Bee crown logistics can facilitate same-day delivery and next-day delivery service by ground or air. Rush shipping services are also available for same-day and overnight delivery. We provide local delivery services as well as short- and long-haul freight shipping services. Blue Streak Couriers handles all types of parcel service from on-demand pickup and delivery to routed and scheduled courier service.

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